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Shell EV

  • Shell offers customers a flexible way to access a wide charging network of public charge points using Shell EV card.  Access to more than 18,000 charge points across the country via our public roaming network
  • Shell Recharge provides fleets with convenient ways to charge their electric cars on-the-go.  They have a growing number of fast chargers
  • As the number of public charge point partners is constantly growing in our roaming network, Shell EV customers will get access to a bigger network with no additional administration
  • Currently we have 26 partners, including Ionity, Ubitricity, ChargePoint,, ESB Group, EV-Box, LastMileSolutions, Fastned,, EVDriver, Alfa Power Charging, Franklin Energy, E-Flux, Vattenfall, Engenie, Virta, Genie Point, Monta, Allfen, MFG & Source London
  • Access to Shell Fuelsave fuel
  • VAT Friendly invoicing means no need to keep receipts
  • Ideal for fleets with Hybrid or Full Electric Vehicles
  • Ability to restrict purchases
  • Obtain fleet management and MPG reports
  • Increased security by eliminating need for cash
  • Advanced security features including online authorisation & PIN codes


Shell EV

Fuel Card Benefits

  • Save Money
  • Improve Cash flow
  • Reduced Administration
  • Improved fleet efficiency

Online Application

  • No minimum monthly spend
  • Simple Application Form
  • Up to 30 Days Credit

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Up to 6000 sites across the UK including Motorways and trunk roads.
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