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BP Flex Fuel Cards

The BP Flex Fuel Card offers a choice of pricing options, if you want a pump price with all the added coverage of BP, Texaco, Esso and Gulf Services Stations then the BP Plus is the card for you.  If you want a fixed diesel and petrol price at all BP Service Stations and the backup of all Texaco*, Esso* and Gulf* Service Stations then the BP Flex is the card for you.  This fuel card has exceptional UK coverage of over 3,200 sites with a presence on all motorways and trunk roads.  Regardless of fleet size and vehicle type this Fuel Card offers a convenient solution to manage your fuel requirements.

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Key Benefits

  • A choice of pricing options on the BP Plus fuel cards.
  • With the BP Plus Fuel Card your employee will benefit from access to BP Partner brands – BP Connect, Wild Bean Café and Castrol.
  • With Husk (UK) Ltd there is no minimum monthly spend or a minimum contract to use the BP Plus Fuel Cards.
  • Interest Free Credit.
  • These Fuel Cards comes with Advanced Security features including online authorisation, PIN Codes and Alerts.
  • Download the BPMe App for access to the first mobile fuel payment app in the UK that connects to a fuel card.
  • Join BPme Rewards.
  • Comprehensive management reports detailing vehicle usage & efficiency available to help manage your fleet, read more »

*Surcharge Applies

With the BP Fuel Card you're never more than a moment away from a station accepting your method of payment. As well as a vast number of BP forecourts, you can also use your BP Plus Card at Texaco, Esso and Gulf garages across the country, bringing the overall number of available sites up to 3,200! We understand the need for convenience for those of you with busy lifestyles so to make things as easy as possible for you, these stations have a particularly high presence on all motorways and major roads.

BP Station Locator

To determine your nearest relevant site, why not use our BP station locator? Simply enter your postcode to find a list of the ten closest sites which will appear underneath our map. From our customer feedback we've found that the BP station locator is particularly useful for planning long business trips, or for holiday ventures, just remember to take your BP fuel cards! You can use them for any make, model and size vehicle too!

BP Plus

The BP Plus card offers access to partnering brands such as BP Connect and the Wild Bean Café.  However, the benefits do not stop here.  Whilst we strive to provide you with as much as we can to make life easier, one of our primary focuses is on your security.  With online authorisation, PIN Codes and Alerts, you can rest assured that we're doing everything we can to prevent you becoming the victim of fraud.

BP Card

BP fuel cards also act as a really efficient financial managing tool.  Offering users the opportunity to assess their own spending, we also provide comprehensive reports explaining your vehicle usage.  Great for individual users, this also provides numerous advantages for business owners, enabling them to keep a more efficient track of their firm's expenditure.  As well as unrivalled convenience and efficiency you'll also be able to enjoy interest free credit as well as the freedom of no minimum spend.


BP Flex Fuel Cards

Unrivalled UK Motorway network

Fuel Card Benefits

  • Save Money
  • Improve Cash flow
  • Reduced Administration
  • Improved fleet efficiency

Online Application

  • No minimum monthly spend
  • Simple Application Form
  • Up to 30 Days Credit

Forecourt Finder

Up to 6000 sites across the UK including Motorways and trunk roads.
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