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Husk are pleased to announce that they have been appointed an independent authorised reseller of the Esso Commercial, Esso One and Esso Fleet Cards adding a further major brand to our portfolio of Fuel Cards. Esso have a reputation for quality fuel and competitive pricing and a network of sites to suit both regional and national vehicle operators offering a convenient solution to manage your fuel requirements. Esso are one of the largest petrol retailers in the UK serving around 800,000 customers and addition offer high quality branded products such as Mobil 1 a high quality synthetic motor oil that provides cars with an outstanding level of engine protection and increased fuel economy. It is the top choice of most major motor manufacturers.

Esso is a market leading petrol retailer and is always looking to bring new products to its customers: They were the first to sell unleaded petrol and the first major oil company to sell lead replacement petrol and they have led the industry in making ultra low sulphur diesel and ultra low sulphur petrol available nationwide.  You can now choose from two different pricing options on this card, please call one of our sales members to discuss.

Key Benefits Include

  • Esso Commercial Cards are accepted at over 1,000 Esso forecourts, with a commercial diesel price offered at 300 key sites throughout the UK with the remainder of the network charged at a highly competitive pump price for Diesel and Petrol.
  • Esso One Card offers a single price network which covers the ALL Esso forecourts.
  • Esso Fleet Card offers you a pump price at all 1,000 Esso forecourts, with the back up of cross acceptance with Shell* and BP* service stations.
  • A weekly notification of your Esso Commercial or Esso One price will be sent to you by email or SMS.
  • There are 250 dedicated HGV sites including major motorway and ‘A’ road service stations where you can use your Esso card.
  • Husk (UK) Ltd has no minimum monthly spend requirement or minimum term contract to sign.
  • Access to Esso quality fuel, along with associated branded products together with the benefit of collecting Tesco clubcard points at most Esso sites and Esso “On the Run” Cafés serving quality Costa Coffee.
  • Advanced Security features including online authorisation, PIN Codes and spending control limits.


Esso One

Fuel Card Benefits

  • Save Money
  • Improve Cash flow
  • Reduced Administration
  • Improved fleet efficiency

Online Application

  • No minimum monthly spend
  • Simple Application Form
  • Up to 30 Days Credit

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Up to 6000 sites across the UK including Motorways and trunk roads.
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